Author: Mark Smith

5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying a Tortoise


A tortoise can be an fascinating and fun companion,  and with a little care and attention, it’s easy to keep them healthy and happy.  If you think a tortoise may be the perfect pet for you, these five key points will start you off down the right path

1. Understand The Difference Between A Tortoise And A Turtle

If you plan on welcoming a tortoise into your house, it’s important to understand the difference. While they both come from the same taxonomic order (Chelonia), a tortoise needs a totally different environment than a turtle. The webbed-foot turtle spends plenty of time in the water as well as loves swimming; however the land based tortoises have rounded feet, ideal for traversing landscapes comprised of sand or gravel. Both are reptiles with shells, varying in dimension as well as weight and also originate in many different countries around the world. Preferences for its environment are just what primarily differentiates a turtle from a tortoise.

2. Make Sure A Tortoise Is Right For You

Tortoises Get to Know You
Tortoises can be very sociable

:Along with the capability to maintain the habitat and also feed and also water your tortoise, his personality needs to be a good match for yours. You can not comfortably cuddle a tortoise, however if a quiet, interesting animal is what you’re searching for, you’ve found an excellent match.

3. Choose the Species of Your New Tortoise Wisely

Tortoises are available in different varieties and sizes, and the price difference between different species can be significant. Visit a trustworthy pet shop or tortoise dealer/breeder and quiz them about the requirements of your prospective new friend. Tortoises are sensitive to things like temperature and light and also call for a special diet. Look at the specific requirements of each of the species on offer and, take into consideration the size of animal you find desirable looking after. Also, consider any specific requirements of each particular species and how that fits in with your lifestyle.

4. He needs a special place to live

Tortoise Enclosure
A tortoises enclosure keeps your tortoises safe at night

If it’s in any way feasible, your tortoise would prefer living in an environment positioned outdoors. Failing that, a large enclosure that contains a layer of dirt and objects to scramble over and hide under would be suitable. Make sure, if your tortoise is enclosed, that he has access to fresh drinking water. If you live where the seasons change, consider keeping your shelled friend outside during the better months but bring him in before it gets chilly (or when any harsh weather conditions are predicted). Many people keep their tortoises indoors constantly, so if you cannot give a secure and protected location outdoors, set him up somewhere in the house that will be well out of range of the danger of toddlers, other pets, and moisture.

The room your shelled friend demands will depend on his size, however, you could move him to a larger space as he grows.

Leafy Greens for Dinner
Tortoises love leafy greens

Many tortoises enjoy eating leaves and other vegetation from their environment. You can additionally feed them on certain other veggies although some are known to be harmful to tortoises and must be avoided. It’s best to take advice from your breeder on the specific needs of your species. If you have a youngster, feed him softer foods till his mouth strengthens and he can chew on tougher foods. Some varieties enjoy what gardeners consider to be weeds such as fresh dandelions so you may be able to find treats for him in your backyard. It’s crucial, though, to know precisely what your species needs nutritionally, including potential supplements to encourage correct growth.

5. It’s a long term commitment

Are you aware that some species of tortoises can live for 100 years or more? For this reason, it’s good to be totally committed to these guys as pets. Set up an area carefully and thoughtfully in your house and be prepared to keep your tortoise as an energetic member of the family for many years to come.

Like any pet, your tortoise needs lots of TLC. They are extremely fulfilling to have in your life as well as a lot of fun, so see to it that you care for them properly by giving them the habitat, nourishment, and lifestyle they prefer.